You might think desk toys are childish and maybe even a little distracting in settings where mental concentration is of paramount importance, such as the office or at school. But desk toys are actually more beneficial than they are frivolous. These toys can nullify distractions, recharge your mind, and stimulate creativity for the sake of solving a challenging issue. If nothing else, desk toys can give your work environment a touch of pizzazz. They can be used as a tool to reduce stress or help you focus better. This article will address some of the best desk toys that are capable of enhancing productivity while adding a touch of character to a workplace setting.

1. Infinity Cube

Best Desk Toys - Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy

There are a lot of awesome fidget toys out there, but the Infinity Cube might be the best of them. It is created with tough, high-quality ABS plastic. The desk toy can be held in one hand, allowing you to get things done while simultaneously reducing any negativity prevalent in your mind.

Fidget toys don’t get the due they deserve because a lot of companies have oversaturated the market with low-quality selections. This has tainted the way people think of fidget toys. Regardless, the Infinity Cube is developed to curb poor habits and is fun to play with in general. This desk toy is beneficial for anxiety relief, stress management, and can give your brain something to focus on during your downtime – either at school or work – so that your mind can remain sharp when something warrants your attention.

Main Features

  • Ergonomic, discreet, and lightweight.
  • A one-of-a-kind gift suitable for people of any age.
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic.
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2. Spoley Desk Sculpture

Best Desk Toys - SPOLEY Desk Sculpture Desk Toy

This desk toy is a sculpture set that integrates the fun of magnets, so much so that you can spend an entire day playing around with them! Not that you should, of course.

The Spoley Desk Sculpture is a stress reliever that quells imagination issues for the sake of achieving mental clarity. If the majority of your day is spent sitting at a desk, this desk toy is just the distraction you need to give your eyes a break. The set includes 221 balls compact enough to be placed inside a desk drawer, allowing you to put it away when you need to.

Main Features

  • Spills are prevented thanks to the desk toy’s magnetic base.
  • Also acts as a decorative feature for your desk.
  • Stimulates productivity and creativity.
  • Therapeutic for people with Asperger’s syndrome (adults and kids alike).
  • An entertaining stress reliever.
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3. Euler’s Disk

Best Desk Toys - Euler's Disk – Desk Toy

Awesome desk toys are everywhere these days, but you’ll seldom come across one as cool as Euler’s Disk. The set of spinning discs integrates art and science in a manner that facilitates mental tranquility through sound and light, producing a mesmerizing visual aid. Your coworkers will love receiving this as a gift.

People who have used this desk toy are fond of its hypnotic motion. Once it starts to spin, logic and gravity will be defied as the disc circles away. As it turns out, a spinning disc can have quite a calming effect!

Main Features

  • A patented steel disk that is chrome plated and 3-inches in diameter.
  • Soothing sounds.
  • Let’s you create art from science.
  • Gravity takes over – all you need to do is spin the disc once.
  • The rotating sound and light display is hypnotic.
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4. Fidget Cube

Best Desk Toys - Fidget Cube Desk Toy

A fidget toy for grown-ups developed to stimulate tranquility while minimizing stress and anxiety. The Fidget Cube is ideal for high-activity offices where most of the staff is tense.

This desk toy will occupy your hands when they are idle, as well as during periods where you feel anxious. Using it allows you to curb leg-twitching, pen-chewing, and paper-tearing. It is simple to hold and portable enough to be held in a single hand (so you can write with the other one). The sturdy ABS plastic ensures durability and will also withstand the impact of falling on concrete, carpet, and tiles.

Main Features

  • ABS plastic manufacturing.
  • Ideal for people under a lot of stress, as well as for people who have OCD, autism, ADD, and ADHD.
  • Instills focus development.
  • Minimizes anxiety and stress.
  • Developed to enhance tranquility.
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5. Stealing Coin Cat Box

Best Desk Toys - Stealing Coin Cat Box

When it comes to desk toys, the Stealing Coin Cat Box isn’t as effective at reducing anxiety and stress in comparison to a Fidget Cube, but it is able to calm you down through other means. The design is chic and cute, making it an aesthetically-pleasing desk toy.

If saving money is not your forte, this magpie-like desk toy can help you put away a small amount of money each day so you can buy something for yourself with it later. The toy’s courteous “goodbye” and “hello” aspect make it an inviting workplace extra, and your peers will adore its look. This desk gadget might be just the gift your workmate needs for Christmas.

Main Features

  • Can hold about 40 coins.
  • A modern take on the traditional piggy bank.
  • Says “thank you” and “hello.”
  • Helps you save money.
  • Design is cute.
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6. Liquid Motion Bubbler

Best Desk Toys - Liquid Motion Bubbler

At one time, lava lamps were trendy. Nowadays, these visually-alluring products can capture your attention while instilling an ambiance of tranquility and calmness. The Liquid Motion Bubbler can be used for sensory inspiration. It is particularly beneficial for people who are hyperactive, have ADHD or autism. Further, they also look nice on teachers’ desks and make any classroom feel more inviting. The motion of the bubbles is great for enhancing sensory tracking, which can maintain one’s focus and relax the mind.

Main Features

  • Helpful for people with ADHD and autism.
  • Enhances visual tracking abilities.
  • Wonderful tool for people who are hyperactive.
  • Stunning, yet soothing impact.
  • Perfect for sensory entertainment.
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7. Dancing Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Best Desk Toys - Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure

This dancing figure is based on the popular Marvel Universe character, Groot. The desk toy has an angelic voice and is developed to entertain anyone who walks by your desk as it sings the song, “I want you back.”

The figure is activated by sound and enjoys offering you some jive when you walk by it. It’s a fun, small extra to have in your home during quiet times. If you’re looking for a pleasant distraction from your day-to-day activities, this Guardians of the Galaxy desk toy – noisy as he may be – is worth taking a look at.

Main Features

  • Supported by the promise equality of eKids.
  • Sings and dances.
  • The original version.
  • Playable song is embedded into the toy.
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8. Magnets Sculpture Buildings Blocks

Best Desk Toys - Magnets Sculpture Building Blocks

This desk toy will stimulate your creativity in multiple ways. Imagination-wise, the sky is the limit with the Magnets Sculpture Buildings Blocks. You can create sculptures of all sizes, all of which can be placed on your desk, thereby acting as a decoration, too.

This desk tool keeps negative feelings and thoughts at bay so your mind can recharge. The durable magnetic balls are easy to hold and are accompanied by a carrying case for storage. As such, you needn’t worry about them getting lost.

Main Features

  • Enhances creativity and intelligence.
  • Acts as desktop décor in addition to a tool that relieves stress.
  • Unlimited sculpture combinations.
  • Imaginative assembly of puzzles.
  • Includes 216 pieces.
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9. 40” Table Top Air Hockey Set

Best Desk Toys - 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Set

Just about every modern workplace nowadays has a foosball table, a ping-pong table, or something like it. If your office doesn’t have a distraction of this type, consider getting the 40” Table Top Air Hockey Set for the sake of enhancing your working environment’s morale. These sets are ideal desk toys for any office, and it’s easy to put away when they are not being used.

This 40-inch air hockey tabletop set is portable enough that it won’t be bothersome to your coworkers. When staff members need to find a way to unwind, an air hockey tournament is a good way to help people blow off steam (while keeping them on their toes).

Main Features

  • High-quality, minus the cost of bigger tables.
  • Comes with two pucks and two strikers.
  • Puck catcher is made of ABS material.
  • Motor is air-powered, 1-CFM, and UL-approved.
  • MDF hardwood frame is durable.
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10. Useless Box

Best Desk Toys - Useless Box

In what might be the most frivolous desk toy on this list, the Useless Box is probably what you think it is, but don’t let that deter you from getting it. The novelty toy is quite basic, an alarming reminder of how easy it is to distract ourselves for amusement.

The Useless Box does not contain any hidden features, interesting sounds, or intricate gadgets. It is merely a stubborn box. After a long hard day, you might need a laugh to get back on your feet and restore your smile. This box will let you down.

Main Features

  • A basic desk toy that will distract you.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Small enough to be placed on any desk at home or work.
  • Unlimited enjoyment.
  • Manufactured with real wood.
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11. Albert Einstein Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Best Desk Toys - Albert Einstein Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

During periods of insufficient ingenuity and inspiration, this desk toy might be your best friend. The magnets on it can be assembled to resemble the scientist’s iconic hairdo. This is a silly but fun way to optimize the use of paperclips.

This paper clip holder will help stimulate your innovation and intelligence when your mind needs a jumpstart. This novelty product will attract interested people to your desk and inspire you in the process.

Main Features

  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for stress relief and creativity stimulation.
  • Intricate facial detail.
  • Magnetic.
  • Make hairstyles that defy gravity!
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12. Skill Flux

Best Desk Toys - Skill Flux

This desk toy demonstrates Lenz’s law, exhibiting an astonishing electromagnetism display that defies gravity. With a neodymium ball that has a diameter of 1-inch, you can look through the cylinder and watch the ball travel and spin around magnetically.

Whether you leave it on your desk at home or work, the Skill Flux can help you recharge, mellow out, and entertain you. Your peers will be just as fascinated with it, and before long, the desk toy will make your workstation a hub spot. It has durable and sturdy metal, and is repeatedly usable without the worry of getting dinged or chipped.

Main Features

  • High-quality magnets and materials.
  • Rejuvenates the mind in an enjoyable way.
  • “Noiseless catch.”
  • Multiple challenges.
  • A demonstration of Lenz’s law with electromagnetism that defies gravity.
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13. Pet Rock with Walking Leash

Best Desk Toys - Pet Rock with Walking Leash

The pet rock is not a new concept. Iterations can be traced to the 1970s. The pet rock’s purpose was to satisfy those who desired a pet, yet were not capable of handling the responsibilities that came with taking care of a rabbit, cat, dog, or another small animal. There is little-to-no maintenance involved with owning a pet rock, and it will never wake you up, interrupt your meals, or make a mess on your floor.

The Pet Rock with Walking Leash includes a bed to the rock to rest on, in addition to an instructional pamphlet explains how to maintain your pet rock properly. If your pet rock ever feels restless, then you can use the accompanying walking leash to take it for a walk. The pet rock won’t bark all night long, need to be cleaned up daily, or scratch your furniture. You’ll love having a pet rock!

Main Features

  • While some fresh air will make no difference to it, the pet rock can be taken out for a walk to help you get some exercise.
  • A humorous gift for friends who aren’t so responsible.
  • A fun flashback to the 1970s.
  • The only thing your pet rock needs is a good home and some TLC.
  • Zero maintenance, minimal cost.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Desk Toys

Question: What are desk toys?

Answer: a desk toy is an accessory or item that is portable enough to sit on a desk either at school or at home. Generally, they depict recognizable characters from television or the movies. They are modeled to resemble cute toys that add some character to a desk.

Executives, parents, and teachers, among others, think that such toys are distractive, and that those who have them will end up having fun with them instead of getting work done. To that we say that in any situation you’re in, your mind and your attention will always be distracted by something. If anything, desk toys will enhance your concentration and focus rather than inhibiting it.

The best desk toys exist for more than just display purposes – they are developed to enhance your concentration and focus when you’re working long hours (and when the clock seems to be moving at a snail’s pace).

Desk Toy Benefits

Products like desk toys are ideal for minimizing anxiety and are developed precisely for that reason. Your working environment can trigger daunting feelings if deadlines loom over you. Even if you are on top of your schedule, project stress can still come about from unexpected emails and phone calls. This kind of pressure can negatively impact your mental health.

Feelings don’t have to be the object of your focus, though – desk toys serve as a distraction from them. By providing your mind with a different point of focus, negative feelings are pushed out. As such, you’ll be able to concentrate better. You’ll have a clearer mind, and the feelings that come about with stress and anxiety can be nullified through repetitive-yet-calming actions. The result: no more tearing up papers, chewing up pens, or being irritated by the voices you’re surrounded by.

Your productivity can be increased by playing with desk toys. You might mistakingly believe that productive people sit in front of a keyboard all day. This just isn’t the case.

Everyone works differently, and everybody’s productive process is unique. Many people can remain working at their desks for hours on end without a break and be efficient in doing so. Most of us can’t do that. While we might pride ourselves on our productivity, the fact of the matter is that we need to take breaks from our work surroundings, converse with our peers, stroll around the office, and be on our feet in an effort to recharge our minds.

It might come across as procrastinating or lazy, but after a break, people return to their desks feeling more focused, invigorated, and eager to get cracking. Research suggests that a suitable portion of time for a break is between 5 and 20 minutes. A break leads to more productivity, more so than willfully trying to motivate yourself into finishing something without getting up.

Desk toys can stimulate your imagination, intelligence, and creativity. In the coding world, a “rubber duck debugging” refers to a coder that is having trouble determining what is faulty about his programming and why it’s not operable. To break out of their funk, coders describe their work – one line at a time – to a proverbial rubber duck which sits on their desks.

In doing so, they are able to get a unique perspective of their endeavors. The outcome – for the most part – is successfully figuring out where they went wrong during their coding processes. The key takeaway here is that his coders are able to solve their own problems through articulation…to an unliving thing. Desk toys are capable of offering those very results, sans the explanation aspect.

There are various types of office gadgets that can help you in some way or another. There are desk toys to alleviate anxiety and stress, desk toys that are developed for people that are hyperactive, or have ADHD, ADD, Asperger syndrome, or autism. There are even desk toys made just for display purposes.

You might come across as more approachable if you have interesting toys on your desk. You’ll often find someone at school or the office with a desk covered in pop culture items, serving as icebreakers. If your office doesn’t have such a person, you can take the role! When you’re beginning a new position, it may be hard to befriend people and develop relationships. Desk toys convey a sense of your personality and interests, and most importantly, allows you to be seen as more than just “the new guy.”

Desk toys can make any work environment seem more inviting. Dull, boring décor is not aesthetically pleasing, particularly when you are endeavoring to be more productive. Decorate your space with desk toys and turn your workspace into an area that peers will enjoy just as much as you do.

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