Ocean Reef Aria is the best full face snorkel mask for beginners. It’s ideal for snorkeling. Mask has a wide view. It allows free and natural breathing. No jaw discomfort, no need to grip the mouthpiece with your teeth, and, most importantly, the mask does not fog up.

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask for Beginners - Ocean Reef Aria

In the Ocean Reef Aria full face mask, they divided the breathing tube into three sections. Through the central channel, air enters the mask, blowing the glass of the mask and preventing fogging. Then through a system of one-way valves, it enters the nasal zone for inhalation. Exhaled air flows around the mask through the lateral air channels and enters the breathing tube and leaves the mask. Importantly, the inhaled and exhaled air streams are separated and do not mix, allowing you to get fresh air, enjoy the views, and not think about the mask fogging up.

The manufacturers of the Ocean Reef Aria full face mask never tire of surprising, now you can not only swim in the mask but also talk with each other or with the shore with comfort!

Main Features

  • Anyone who snorkels often knows the feeling of jaw swelling that occurs when the mouthpiece is clenched by the teeth. In the Aria mask, this problem is solved – there is no mouthpiece, you can breathe freely both through your mouth and nose.
  • The wide obturator of the Ocean Reef Aria mask protects against water ingress into the mask. The tube with a valve ensures free and natural breathing.
  • The snorkel in the Ocean Reef Aria mask belongs to the dry type. I.e. dry valve at the end locks the entrance to the mask when immersed. For transportation, the tube is easily detached from the mask.
  • The mask has a significantly increased field of view, which eliminates the need to actively turn your head and allows you to simply enjoy the underwater views.
  • There is also a special slot for installing an underwater camera, which shoots everything that you see.
  • And most importantly, they solved the mask fogging problem. Inhaled air circulates through the Ocean Reef Aria mask to prevent condensation from forming on the inside of the mask.
  • In addition, a wide range of colors and three sizes make it possible for every swimming enthusiast to choose a full face snorkeling mask.

Size & Color

Ocean Reef introduced the Aria full face snorkeling mask in 2016 and it quickly gained massive popularity, proved itself well, and earned many positive reviews. But there was a lack of color and size for small divers. Therefore, 2017 began with Ocean Reef Aria New Color. The company introduced a new range of colors: Pink, Blue, Orange, White, and Black. And new XS size in three colors. In the fall of 2017, the company added a new size M/L size.

How to choose the correct size

You can choose the size of the full face mask for swimming Ocean Reef Aria as follows: you need to measure the distance from the chin to the nasal bridge. If it’s less than 4″, then choose the XS size, if it’s from 4″ to 4.5″, then the S/M size, if it’s from 4.5″ to 5″ then the M/L size, and if the distance is more than 5″, then we choose the L/XL size.

Conclusion: Best Full Face Snorkel Mask for Beginners

Ocean Reef develops diving equipment since 1974 and specializes in the production of full-face masks for diving and snorkeling. Ocean Reef is the leader in this segment of underwater equipment. The full face mask is very convenient for diving in cold water. And, if necessary, you can use special equipment, such as an intercom. With a price of just $69.95 or $89.95 for the QR+ model, it’s the best full face snorkel mask for beginners!

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