The advancement in technology has been a blessing for homeowners. The introduction of home automation has resulted in a number of companies bringing out devices for performing a simple task like cleaning the floor to the windows and many more. Home automation is here to stay and it will be a whole new world in the next 10 to 20 years. Here we will give you everything you need to know about robotic window cleaner.

1. Alfawise S60 Robotic Window Cleaner

Best Robotic Window Cleaners - Alfawise S60

If you are looking for a robot window cleaner, this device is one of the top gadgets you can look at. To get your window a proper shine, Alfawise S60 is equipped with a remote control device, six extra cleaning pads, an AC adapter, spare parts, besides a harness system to make sure that the device does not fall even if the power dies out. Just to be clear, even if the battery wears out, there is a smart feature that will suction the device to the window for 30 minutes so that you can manually retrieve the device and recharge again.

When it comes to size, the Alfawise S60 is smaller than the average robot window cleaners. However, its cleaning speed makes it up to that as it is fitted with a powerful motor. It has a killer suction feature which is pretty loud while at work. Another unique feature of this device is that you will be able to set three behavioral patterns. There is an embedded Artificial Intelligence which is capable of learning the shape of the window and climb over obstacles. Robot weight is 5.6 pounds.

  • AI can detect obstacles and also maps out your windows.
  • Sticks on the window for 30 minutes in case power runs out.
  • Three pre-programmed pathway behaviours to clean the window.
  • Extremely powerful motor for extra speed and suction.
  • It comes with an app remote control device.
  • Small surface coverage.
  • Noisy during operation (because of its powerful motor).
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2. ECOVACS WINBOT W950 Robotic Window Cleaner

ECOVACS has done an excellent job with its WINBOT W950. What else can you expect when its price flies almost through the roof. It comes with a backup battery to maintain suction on the window in case of a power failure. In addition to this, there is a safety tether that adds extra security. The main drawback is it has less automatic features. In addition, the Smart Drive pathway behaves in a funny manner and you will notice your device dancing around while cleaning the edge of the window before realizing it has to turn around.

The company also offers a one-year warranty, just to make sure you stick with them no matter what happens. You will also be able to reach up to 16 ft high with this tether. So, cleaning tall bay windows is a lot easier as you don’t have to hop on to another ladder to reach out to the corner areas. We are also impressed with the 4-stage cleaning system. By the time you have done with the cleaning process, you will be left with a spotless streak-free shine. Robot weight is 5.3 pounds.

  • Massive battery backup with safe tether.
  • Not so noisy like other window cleaners.
  • 4-stage cleaning system.
  • Can reach up to 16 feet above the lanyard starting position.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It is costly.
  • Erratic Smart Drive system.
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3. ECOVACS WINBOT 850 Robotic Window Cleaner

Best Robotic Window Cleaners - ECOVACS WINBOT 850

This the little brother of W950. The cost still is almost at the same level even though it is a much smaller device. It also works slower. What’s the point in building a gen-next device and yet restrict its capability even when the price is quite high. But, still, the mapping feature functions better than most others. It is slower but still gets the job efficiently.

You will also get a 1-year limited warranty. This device comes with twelve items – extra clothes to cables – a bit of everything you will need. Its backup battery feature also ensures it does not fall off and break before you can take action. Robot weight is 4.85 pounds.

  • Excellent mapping abilities which the newer model failed to meet.
  • Spot-free cleaning works like a charm.
  • Limited one-year warranty.
  • Kit includes twelve items for a specific purpose.
  • Backup battery takes over.
  • Very expensive for an older model.
  • Moves very slow.
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4. DEMU Robotic Window Cleaner

Best Robotic Window Cleaners - DEMU

Wonderful things come in tiny packages and still get the job done right. Just turn it on and hold on to the window and press the one-touch operating button – that’s how simple it is to use this device. However, DEMU battery life is just 20 twenty minutes! So, if you have bigger windows you will need to charge several times before completing the cleaning job. There is a LED light indicator to remind you when it’s time to recharge the battery.

While the device can be a bit dodgy at times, it will give you a fantastic streak-free clean window by choosing three different cleaning paths. You also get to have a one-year manufacturer warranty. Robot weight is 4.63 pounds.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Simple one-touch operation.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 3 different cleaning paths.
  • LED display to show battery level.
  • Bare basic kit; no refills on clothes, etc.
  • Only 20 minutes of battery life.
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5. EVOVACS WINBOT W830 Robotic Window Cleaner

Best Robotic Window Cleaners - ECOVACS WINBOT W830

Evocas W830 comes with high-quality motor and function parts. However, this model has one major flaw – it leaves tiny streaks. So, if you want a smooth clean window, you can skip this product right away. However, if that doesn’t concern you much you can bank on its excellent automated feature and powerful motor.

You also get the same excellent backup battery ECOVACS is known for. The dual suction cups at the bottom works great on stained and textured glass. A few drawbacks, but still better than washing your window by the hand. Robot weight is 2.14 pounds.

  • Reasonable price considering its quality.
  • Works on all types of glass.
  • Works excellent on framed and unframed windows.
  • Dual suction cup rings.
  • Excellent backup battery.
  • High maintenance.
  • Leaves streaks on alternate window textures.
  • Noisy.
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6. ECOVACS WINBOT W710 Robotic Window Cleaner

Best Robotic Window Cleaners - ECOVACS WINBOT W710

This old window cleaner manufactured by ECOVACS model is still in production. W710 continues to be a powerful device, albeit the loud noise. One of the main complaints we have is in the early-stage smart mapping. You may need to redirect the device a few times in order to get the job done properly. Its size is also perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

It is not that inexpensive and the package comes with everything you need in the starter kit to keep you going for months. Robot weight is 7.28 pounds.

  • Ultra-low cost.
  • High reach range for a small unit.
  • Solid tether system.
  • Dual cleaning pads for seamless operation.
  • Package includes everything you need for months of use.
  • Quite loud.
  • Needs redirection several times due to the early-stage smart mapping system.
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How We Pick Our Selection of Robot Window Cleaners

Quality – We look at everything from the durability of the device – exterior and internal – besides the mapping systems. You need to look at many things before going for a home automation product. This is why we vetted these devices down to six only – many models are below our cut off standards.

Reviews – Yes, online user reviews are the first and foremost to anything. We look at users experience and their reviews as we want only first-hand user experiences. Real reviews enable you to make an informed opinion.

Price – Price of a product impact every purchasing decision. You will not find rock bottom prices for windows cleaning robots as most companies are still trying to recoup from years of investment and research. You need to have an open mind and you’ll find a great device suited for your home.

What Features You Should Look in Window Cleaner Robots

Size – Size matters a lot when it comes to window cleaning robots. It should be able to cover a wide surface area before the device’s battery runs out.

Weight – As they are going to move around on the windows, look for lighter ones. If the device needs more suction power it will eat up more power and leaving you less time to complete the job.

Power – This refers to the power of the motor. More power is required for large windows.

Speed – It should be fast enough to clean the maximum area with minimum battery power.

Suction – How long can your device stay on your window to get the job done. If a device has proper suction feature the job is half done. You don’t want your device to fall off and break it.

Framed or Frameless Windows – You will need minor manual works if you have framed windows. For framed windows, it is better to get a square bottom model to maximise battery life and the coverage space.

Battery – Cordless devices do not have long battery life spans. However, they can still do the job as most will give you about 30 minutes of use per charge.

Length of Power Cable – If you have a power source close to your windows you can save money on power cables.

Features – Some devices have additional functions that at an additional cost. For example, our number one pick device comes with remote control access via the official mobile app, thereby allowing you to clean certain areas manually as required.

Robotic Window Cleaners FAQ

Q: What is a robotic window cleaner?
A: They are like the big Roombas, which works from outside your window. They work on the same principle of a robot vacuum cleaner. It uses the same 3D mapping and smart technology to study which area to clean and how clean it should be.

Q: How to use robotic window cleaner?
A: You must first clear off a spot for first-use. As windows build up a layer of filth over a period of time, they should be cleared before letting the robotic window do the job for better results. Make sure that your tether (including the power cable if necessary) is properly fixed, with lots of slack to move about. Place the device on the window and hold flush with the pane. Start the machine and the robot will start moving on the window. Once the cleaning process is completed an in-built smart sensor try to spot the next area for cleaning. If the area is totally clean the machine will stop automatically.

Q: How to maintain robotic window cleaner?
A: There are some moving parts and you need to make sure they are properly maintained. They are not suitable for winter as most of them cannot work under 41’F and lower. If you are using the device during the day in the spring season, take them indoors at night. Humidity could damage your device. Every package comes with specific instructions on how to maintain the device. Read and follow them.

Q: Can I clean a mirror or shower glass using robotic window cleaner?
A: Yes, you can use it. Just make sure that your mirrors are of good quality and thick enough to sustain suction pressure of the machine. Otherwise, they will crack.