If you enjoy playing video games on Xbox One, then you’re aware of the gaming platform’s wide selection of accessories. But do you understand how to differentiate between the ones that are worth buying and the ones you should stay away from? That’s what this article is all about. For the sake of enhancing your gameplay experience, we’ve evaluated hundreds of products to determine which accessories are worthy of your money. Let’s get right to it, then, here are the best accessories for Xbox One in 2019.

1. TB Seagate Game Drive

Best Xbox One Accessories 2019 - TB Seagate Game Drive

Games for the Xbox One have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years, so much so that it doesn’t take long for the console’s 0.5 TB drive to fill up after few installations. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the console’s memory can’t be extended, nor can you make any changes to it without the warranty getting voided in the process. Realistically speaking, only a couple of sensible options are apparent under such circumstances: you can either use an external hard drive, or you can be selective about the games that you keep when you want to add new ones. The majority of gamers will tell you that choosing not to play new games isn’t an option, leaving an external hard drive as the only choice you have. Which one of them is ideal for Xbox gaming, especially with all the XHD’s to choose from?

Based on our evaluations, the Xbox-compatible Seagate Game Drive is your best option. This Xbox One accessory is the sole XHD version out there developed purposely for all Xbox One models. As it includes an extra 2 TB, the small device uses USB 3.0 technology, so you won’t have to worry about lagging performance issues. There is sufficient room to keep the titles you love no matter how big the files are, with room remaining to save some movies, too. The Xbox One-compatible Seagate Game Drive makes the future of gaming controllable.


  • Economical and portable.
  • An intense experience courtesy of USB 3.0.
  • Plug-and-play, user-friendly set up.
  • Xbox One-compatible (modern versions only).
  • 50 games or so can be stored with 2 TB of storage.
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2. PDP Talon Media Remote Control

Best Xbox One Accessories - PDP Talon Media Remote Control

Xbox One lets you do more than merely play games. The gaming console acts as an all-in-one entertainment center that can be used to command your Blu-ray player, TV, and more media. As such, it stands to reason that one remote control should control them all. The Talon media remote lets you alternate between listening to music, watching TV, catching the game, taking in a movie, or getting your game on.

Because this product is completely compatible with every Xbox One model – in addition to being officially licensed – there’s no need to worry about compatibility problems that can kill your live entertainment experience. The console is developed with a sleek, textured surface, making it a pleasure to hold. In contrast to other “universal remotes” out there, you won’t be scouring the room to find the Talon when you need to change the channel or turn down the volume. This remote control literally leaves everything at your fingertips. Ideal for families that have differing preferences.


  • Great for media surfers and families.
  • Easy to hold thanks to its comfortable texture.
  • You won’t have to switch the lights on to find the remote thanks to its backlit buttons.
  • You can control streaming media apps, the tv, your Xbox One, and other devices.
  • Licensed officially by Microsoft.
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3. Hyperkin Polygon

Best Xbox One Accessories - Hyperkin Polygon

Removing your Xbox One from its habitat is always a hassle. Because of all the challenges that come with doing so, you’re better off just leaving it in place. This is a bit of a buzzkill, though, isn’t it? Rather than deprive yourself, get Hyperkin Polygon’s Rook Travel Bag and give your console the freedom it deserves! Exclusively developed for the Xbox One, this durable device is transport–friendly and storage–compatible.

Your console will be protected with the Rook. The bag as room for as many as six discs, gaming glasses, earphones, a bunch of cables, a racing wheel, a controller, and anything else necessary for your Xbox One set up. You can take comfort knowing that your Xbox One is in good hands, whether it’s kept in an overhead compartment, the backseat, or the trunk. If you carrying the console through an airport, you’ll find the shoulder strap the Rook comes with quite convenient – it has sufficient internal padding and weight distribution for its 4-inch-wide size. The console will be kept in place rather than shift around as you do. No other Xbox One accessory will take care of you like the Rook will.


  • Every peripheral is accommodated.
  • Closing mechanisms are durably secure.
  • The broad shoulder strap is completely adjustable.
  • Plenty of compartments for peripheral storage.
  • Padding is evenly robust.
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4. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Best Xbox One Accessories - Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

This controller is in a league of its own. Your gaming is amplified with the Elite. Your physical performance is enhanced courtesy of the rubberized texture. Other features – such as the hair-trigger locks – lets you capitalize on the improved control-to-hand coordination feature.

Personalization is an option with this user-friendly app. You can adjust the maximum/minimum trigger values, switch button designations, modify thumbstick sensitivity, and more. It won’t take long to program-in your preferences. This Xbox Elite Wireless Controller comes with paddles that are interchangeable. It is compatible with both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One.


  • Item is an official Microsoft product.
  • When necessary, hair-trigger locks are assessable.
  • User-friendly installation and use of app.
  • Top-of-the-line personalization with plenty of interchangeable elements.
  • Enhanced control courtesy of the rubberized hold.
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5. Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Best Xbox One Accessories - Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

It can be a nuisance to make changes to your wired headset. It doesn’t have to be anymore, though. This Xbox One accessory liberates you from traditional headset constrictions so that your gaming experience can go uninterrupted. Your setup won’t come undone after a half hour, nor will you need any specialized skills to master the product. The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter is a user-friendly Xbox accessory that offers a solution to a common gaming problem: what steps need to be taken when wired headsets warrant adjustment?

It’s not hard to set this headset up. The audio jack can be used for a headset connection, and the adapter can be used to plug in your controller. For chat audio, the 2.5 mm cable should be plugged into the adapter. Priority juggling is no longer an issue. Nor will you have to worry about game interruptions for the sake of initiating a chat or minimizing the volume.


  • A real headset integration!
  • Headset accepts audio jack of 3.5 mm.
  • Offers chat/game balance modifications, as well as volume regulation.
  • In-play headset modifications are now feasible.
  • Compatible with many wired headsets for gaming.
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6. Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Best Xbox One Accessories - Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

This Xbox One accessory simplifies your gaming experience. No more AA batteries that run out of power to worry about while you’re playing a game. This wireless controller allows you to game without interruption. It can be recharged as you play or while you sleep – whatever you prefer. This Xbox One accessory will make an enjoyable gaming experience even better.

If you’re constantly changing batteries in the middle of gameplay, this accessory will be a dream come true. The Xbox One Play and Charge Kit gives you a seamless gaming experience, and the battery aspect makes it environmentally-friendly. It’s easy to understand why we think this accessory gives you the best bang for your buck.


  • Four-hour charging time.
  • Completely compatible with wireless controllers for Xbox.
  • In-play recharging is feasible.
  • One charge offers as much as 30 playtime hours.
  • No more AA batteries to replace.
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7. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Gaming Headset

Best Xbox One Accessories - Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Gaming Headset

An essential aspect of gaming is audio. It’s hard to suspend your disbelief in a game’s virtual setting and remain focused without realistic audio.
As of late, there has been quite a technological breakthrough in gaming headsets, one of which is the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. You’ll get sharp highs and deep lows with this wireless headset. In addition to the high-quality sound, this Xbox One accessory provides you with active noise cancellation, keeping out ambient sound while still letting you hear your teammates and game effects clearly.

This mesmerizing gaming headset comes with Sonic Surround Sound from Microsoft. The action perfectly syncs with the theater-like audio setting. As such, threats will be heard all around you before they are seen. The actual headset is quite comfortable. It features a synthetic leather-wrapped headband. Its mic is easy to get into position. The sound of the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Gaming Headset speakers are as good as it gets.


  • Team interaction is enhanced with dynamic chat.
  • Audio clarity thanks to the flip-up mic.
  • Noise cancellation is impactful and in real-time.
  • State-of-the-art Windows Sonic surround sound.
  • The best Xbox One wireless headset out there.
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8. Gunnar Optiks Intercept Computer Gaming Glasses

Best Xbox One Accessories - Gunnar Optiks Intercept Computer Gaming Glasses

Gameplay and eyestrain go hand-in-hand, much to our chagrin. However, blue light no longer has to damage your eyes. This Xbox accessory substantially minimizes the quantity of blue light that penetrates your eyes. As such, it wards off eyestrain, giving you a better night’s rest. Headaches, blurry vision and dry eyes will be a thing of the past!

Circadian rhythms can be interrupted by eyestrain. This can lead to irritability, appetite reduction, and poor sleeping habits. Blue light is said to have a role in the advancement of macular degeneration and retinal damage, as well as the onset of cataracts. These glasses get rid of glare and blue light, giving you a more dynamic gaming experience from a visual perspective. But wait, there’s more! These cutting-edge Xbox One accessories come with the following long-term health benefits.


  • Allows you to have a more satisfactory quality of sleep.
  • Durable, lightweight, and FDA approved.
  • Blocks out 65% of blue light and 100% of UV.
  • Eye-strain prevention, along with all the symptoms that come with it.
  • Safeguards your eyes from blue light with high energy.
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9. Controller Gear – Officially Licensed Console Skin for Xbox One X

Best Xbox One Accessories - Controller Gear - Officially Licensed Console Skin for Xbox One X

This Xbox One accessory is a frivolous buy. However, it’s still pretty cool to have for the sake of improving the aesthetics of your gaming console. It can also safeguard your Xbox One from stains, spills, and scratches. It’s simple to apply, too – once you take the skin out from its packaging, just peel, stick, and you’re done!

This is a Microsoft-approved skin and seamlessly accommodates your console. Since a premium 3M vinyl adhesive with air release is used, no residue will be left behind after its removal. That is not to say that it doesn’t securely fasten. The product adheres to all CPSIA and Child Safe regulations. If you know a gamer, he or she will appreciate this skin as a gift.


  • Safeguards and maintains your console from scrapes and scratches.
  • 3D graphic is super realistic.
  • Easy to peel off and put on. No sticky adhesive residue will be left behind.
  • Developed exclusively for Xbox, and Microsoft authorized.
  • Xbox decal is of high quality.
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10. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One

Best Xbox One Accessories - Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One

Hyperkin went above and beyond to reproduce the initial Xbox experience, which includes the original start screen that played inside the Xbox button. The beloved white and black buttons return to accommodate the (surprisingly precise) dual bumpers, analog figures, and 9 ft. USB cable. The 3.5 mm jack can be used to plug your wired headset into.

This is optimized retro gameplay at its best without the performance capability of outdated console models. The controllers are durable and responsive. The analog figures are reliable and sensitive. And although the start screen is completely superfluous, it’s awesome all the same. If you’re into throwback gaming, you’ll love this Xbox One accessory.


  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles.
  • The controller features a retro design.
  • Detachable 9’ long USB cable.
  • Realistic gaming feedback via vibration.
  • The white and black buttons have made a comeback.
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11. Kontrolfreek Ultra Performance Thumbsticks For Xbox One Controller

Best Xbox One Accessories - Kontrolfreek Ultra Performance Thumbsticks For Xbox One Controller

When it comes to gaming, control is exercised. The main objective of an Xbox accessory should involve enhancing self-regulation. This is precisely what the Kontrolfreek Ultra Performance Thumbsticks For Xbox One Controller endeavors to do. The product enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the gaming atmosphere in a way that accurately reflects your abilities. With enhanced fix/stomp engagement, improved mobility, bolstered motion range, and sweat-free usage, each movement of every game will be optimized.

The extra height these thumbsticks provide substantially raise your motion range. The improved capability lets you optimize each movement, pull, thrust, or twitch of your thumb. What once warranted substantial motion is now able to be achieved with a mere flick. An opponent can be confronted with a nanosecond twitch. They can be outmaneuvered so you can outrun them, or you can be practical and get to safety. These Xbox One accessories will make the most of your existing games, including Overwatch, Halo, and Call of Duty, among others. You shouldn’t have to put up with mediocrity when it comes to controllers. The Kontrolfreek Ultra Performance Thumbsticks For Xbox One Controller perfects your gameplay experience.


  • Enhances motion range.
  • Minimizes CTS and fatigue scourging.
  • Little-to-no effort needed for your thumbs at their busiest.
  • Hill ratios are improved, as established by copious amounts of evaluations.
  • Thanks to the rubber surface, you’ll get a better-quality hold.
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12. 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

Best Xbox One Accessories - 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership

Gamers enjoy meeting worthy adversaries, and you can never have too many friends. The best of both worlds is achieved with a 3-month Xbox Live Gold membership. Gold members are able to access a vast array of new games each month, get exclusive pricing at the Xbox Store, and use dedicated servers. You’ll get uninterrupted gaming at the fastest speeds available, and best of all, you’ll be a part of what is considered to be the biggest gamer community online.

Although this listing doesn’t technically qualify as an Xbox accessory, for the cost of a combo order at McDonald’s, you’ll get access to new releases, save money, be a part of a community, build friendships, have options, and get an opportunity to play with some of the most talented, dedicated gamers in the world. After the gold membership is purchased, you’ll be issued a download code you can redeem through your console. Before long, you’ll be making new friends from all over the world and testing your abilities against theirs in a digital setting.


  • You’ll save as much as 75% off various titles in the Xbox store.
  • The games you can play for free are valued at $700 annually.
  • Gold members have access to dedicated servers, giving them enhanced performance.
  • An opportunity to be part of a thriving community of gamers.
  • New games to share and play for free each month.
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